Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The US Threat

The accuracy of this dream so far has been spot on. Update to this dream is below

On 9-14-14, I dreamt I was in a foreign country. It seemed to be in the Caribbean. While there we had to keep  low key that we were Americans, not because of the nationals there, but because of the Americans. Everyone had feared that the Americans were gonna invade their island nation. The island nation had alot of oil and were not selling it in US dollars, but in their own currency.

We knew to keep our US dollars and silver and not to spend them, but to spend the island nation's currency because of the US threat. In this dream I was inside a small Caribbean type building with a straw roof. As I and a friend made plans to go into town, I was going into my secret hiding place to get some currency and in came a ranking community official of this Island Nation who saw my two secret hiding places, but I did not fear and trusted him. He informed us that there was a curfew of high US threat and not to go into town between 2pm and 6pm, so we reversed out plans to go.

Then the dream switched and I was at a very large naturally made stadium surrounded by desert. The entire stadium was made of rock and all the seats of the stadium were made of rock. It was what looked like twice the size of a football stadium. There were thousands of seats made of rock, of desert red, desert yellow, orange and brown, all desert colors. I went inside of the stadium to see what it was like and inside this stadium were many scattered people doing drugs, partying and living for themselves.

Then I was looking around inside the stadium when we came across a group of dead heads who were partying. I was boasting like a fool of doing the whole dead tour and how everything was like the start of the tour and it would never end. Then a cop was there and we sobered up and acted cool and then I suddenly became changed and really sober and then the cop asked me a question, if I were from visiting another country, but my friend cued me in, shaking his head to tell me to tell the officer "no", to lie to him or we would be arrested and questioned about being in another country, As soon as I said "no", in a flash, he was gone, and were marveled that he had left so quickly.


This dream is about economics the western oil/banking cartel that is run and centralized in the US, and it, being under threat and how the US is persecuting nations who do not use the US dollar for oil. 

Holding onto dollars and silver, we'll have to see how that plays out economically.

The high US threat from 2 to 6, may be a timing involved in when the dollar begins to crash, after 2 to 6pm. Could this mean sometime next Feb to June and then in June it goes or to be prepared after June for what's soon coming after? On watch to see if that's the case.

The stadium made of rock is the US. Outwardly she appears strong as a rock, but inward, she is falling apart and her people living for pleasure, precede her police state. The seats, all of desert colors, is a two fold metaphor - Seated in the US, will become dry as a desert when the economy collapses and we should desert being seated with her, at the right time. The seats made of rock represent the hard times that are coming. It's going to get very hard and uncomfortable being seated in the US, when the economy collapses, which will usher in WW3.

In this dream, in a quick nut shell, was my transformation from living for pleasure to living for Christ, sobering up and being made aware spiritually, economically and politically of what was really going on.

We were under threat of being arrested more for association with another country (that was not backing the US dollar) than for the drugs that were from the others partying around us, thus, why the cop, representing the authorities, was questioning us about being in another country instead of having drugs. It was metaphorical of how government is moving towards tyranny, due to the threats to its currency/petro dollar system and economic instability. The officer leaving so quickly after we denied association with another country (who they considered an enemy) shows how fervently worried they are to go onto persecuting those against the petro dollar system, which in a way, is now spilling over domestically to persecuting its own. Thus, the US threat from out and from within.

This is also a prophetic picture of the progression leading to a US civil war which will help our enemies greatly, in defeating us.

Father Yah, thank you for these deep insightful dreams. I treat every one of them as a treasure of knowledge in helping us to discern the time in which we live. Lord, awaken those Christian brethren who are sucked into the matrix of the mass media lies, which are diverting them from seeing the bigger picture in prophecy and thus, keeping them from being prepared for what's to come to this nation.

Father Yah, prepare us in right timing, to flee this land of Revelation 18 destruction and for those who cannot, to be able to hunker down with provision from you to make it thru what's to come. Help your people to believe the true word of prophecy over this nation and correct I pray, the watchmen of diverse doctrines and the false prophecy which is leading your people astray in not preparing. Lord I pray, take down the rabbit trails of diversion and help your people to focus! In Jesus' mighty name, Amen

In Christ, Weather

Notes: In this dream, holding onto US Dollars sounds unwise to some, but when the economy crashes, commodities will go down and the dollar will give more bang for the buck temporarily, and for debt payments. I find it peculiar that the Lord says to hang onto silver in this dream due to commodities taking a hit. I can only think that soon after the crash, the dollar may loose its reserve currency status some or be downgraded in some way thru some hyper inflation measures the government will take. Due to WW3 coming not long after this next crash, silver could buy food, but gold would be a bad barter item, so silver would be the currency of choice in a dollar collapse. This may be why the Lord expressed holding onto silver in this dream.

April 24, 2015 Update
The date this dream was given, 9-14-14 was right at the time the US dollar started to take off in value. The Lord was telling us to hold onto US Dollars in this dream, but now, it looks like the dollar has topped out and we should now look for silver to make a run sometime later this year. This is an unfolding dream and so far, it's accuracy is spot on. We see this from the chart below when the dollar began to really take off in September, the time this dream was given.

May 15 2015 update - As mentioned earlier, in this dream, God continues to unfold revelation of it. June looks to be the month of change. The dessert colors part of this dream reveals this summer begins the drying up of the market and the value of the dollar.  Because of the date this dream was given, the anniversary of the feast of trumpets for 2015, and the pivotal 29th of Elul, the Shemitah, this dream has more economical implications than I first realized when interpreting. I think God is wanting to bless us economically to make the right moves thru this dream, but encoded it until the time was right to bring the further revelation of it.